where will AI go?By 2023

When it comes to artificial intelligence, everyone is no stranger, from the emergence of intelligent functions in mobile phones to the advent of various innovative products. Our life can no longer be separated from the assistance of AI, so where will artificial intelligence AI go in 2023?

The next development direction of artificial intelligence is mainly cognitive intelligence, which is also the future of artificial intelligence.

Cognitive intelligence is the highest point in the field of artificial intelligence, and it is also a significant technical field.

A breakthrough in cognitive intelligence determines whether a machine can genuinely realize cognition, thinking, and response to the world.

The first two levels of artificial intelligence—computational intelligence and perceptual intelligence can only be said to have achieved breakthroughs at the tool level but cannot achieve the birth of new species; the development of cognitive intelligence will make a lot of tedious but essential work easier. Human nature is more efficient, helping humans reach new heights in search, interaction, translation, reading, recommendation, prediction, etc.

Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things bring more convenience to people’s lives.

The essence of artificial intelligence allows the computer to simulate the information process of human consciousness and thinking. Simply put, it is an intelligent machine that can respond similarly to human intelligence.

This field includes robots, language recognition, image recognition, natural language processing, and expert systems. Overall, it serves to make people’s lives more convenient.

For example, smart homes and intelligent kitchens connect all the appliances in the kitchen and operate various appliances through an electronic screen, which brings convenience to the use of the kitchen.

For example, non-inductive payment in the parking lot, intelligent recognition of the license plate number, and binding the payment software and the license plate to achieve smooth traffic in the parking lot would save car owners a lot of time and money.

It is believed that artificial Intelligence will be applied to more scenarios in the future and bring more convenience to people.

Autonomous Learning has become the high goal of Artificial intelligence.

At present, everyone may hear that artificial intelligence in a particular field will approach the level of human expert consultants after deep learning.

This learning process is also the acquisition, accumulation and input of big data. Making the AI “brain” more brilliant is a process carried out in stages. The first stage is machine learning, the second is deep learning, and the third is autonomous learning. Only when it reaches the stage of autonomous learning will it be closer to the level of human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence will have an impact on the labour force and affect employment.

The incident of artificial intelligence stealing workers’ jobs has been staged worldwide. Unmanned supermarkets have realized the benefits of automatic cash registers. With the promotion of such brilliant charges, consumers can pay by themselves. , Cashiers at expressway toll stations will gradually be replaced.

It is being said: “If we continue the previous teaching methods, our children will not be able to find jobs in 30 years.”

Alibaba’s rival in the field of e-commerce, director of JD.com Liu Qiangdong, chairman of the bureau, also said: “Five years from now, all the deliveries to you will be robots.”

Such a clear understanding makes everyone feel the pressure, but in fact, the positive impact of artificial intelligence on employment exceeds the negative impact. After simple jobs are replaced, many labour forces will be released.

The upgrading of human skills is the key. The critical point is that talents will also be allocated to suitable positions.

People may still have concerns about the development of artificial intelligence. They cannot judge whether artificial intelligence is Pandora’s box full of disasters or a high-speed train to help human development. Still, the exploration of artificial intelligence is endless and will eventually change the world. In the future Can be expected!

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