How will AI affect the job market in 2023?

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary technology, and its development and use have a more prominent and significant effect on economic and social growth and change. 

In this process, the impact of artificial intelligence on employment has always been one of the focuses of all sectors of society. 

The large-scale application of AI will have a job-displacing effect

The rapid application of artificial intelligence will particularly impact employment in the short term. But in the long run, digital technology represented by artificial intelligence will promote economic and social development by empowering enterprises and workers at a higher level and, to a greater extent, create more employment space in the process.

First, the development of artificial intelligence promotes the construction of intelligent information infrastructure and the improvement of the intelligence level of traditional infrastructure. It creates a large number of new job opportunities in the process.

Secondly, in addition to promoting the development of emerging industries in the field of artificial intelligence and forming artificial intelligence industrial clusters and innovation highlands, the development of artificial intelligence can also promote the intelligent upgrading of enterprises on a large scale through deep integration with industries in various fields and cultivate data-driven, human-machine collaboration.

The intelligent economic form of cross-border integration will create many new job opportunities. Third, the wide use of artificial intelligence in education, health care, care for the elderly, protecting the environment, running cities, and the legal system, as well as its deep use in accurate perception, prediction, and early warning, will also create new jobs.

Finally, the development of the artificial intelligence industry and the application of artificial intelligence technology will also drive the development of other industries, which can not only directly create more new job opportunities but also indirectly create more job opportunities by promoting economic growth and can also derive many new types of jobs. Industry to create more job opportunities.

Impact of AI on the quality of people’s employment

The development and application of artificial intelligence will help provide more high-quality jobs for workers, enhance their creativity and sense of accomplishment, help workers arrange work, life, study and personal affairs more freely, Continuously optimize and adjust learning methods and learning content to achieve fast and efficient learning, thereby improving professional skills and work efficiency, and achieving a work-life balance; empowering workers through human-machine collaboration, helping them realize the optimal allocation of human capital, improving Labor freedom and comfort for workers.

In short, artificial intelligence can give workers more control over how they do their jobs, help them learn new skills in a way that works best for them, and improve the quality of their jobs.

What are the positive effects of AI in stabilizing and securing employment?

The sudden spread of COVID-19 has affected economic and social growth that has never been seen before. Stabilizing and keeping jobs has become the most crucial part of coordinating the prevention and control of diseases and economic and social growth. In this process, digital technology, especially artificial intelligence, has shown many benefits and potential for creating and keeping jobs.

A new employment system based on artificial intelligence technology is accelerating its formation. For example, the development of the digital economy is accelerating in an all-around way; intelligent and technological products are multiplying, remote offices, online education, online consultation, etc. 

How should we deal with the Structural Unemployment in the short term?

In the face of the impact of the development and application of artificial intelligence on the job market, workers must be well prepared psychologically.

Reserve skills and relevant management and service departments must adjust employment policies and measures on time to adapt to technological development and job market changes, as well as promote and realize how the development and use of artificial intelligence technology and the job market interact and balance each other.

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