How to get hired abroad in 2023: Step-by-Step Guide

In this article, I will share how to get a job abroad when you are located outside of the country.

What you can do, how you can work on your profile, and how you can justify to the employer that you are the right person. 

You might find a lot of articles on the internet about the topic. But this article will be different, where I’ll be writing at a deeper level about what exactly you can do. Employers are interested in speaking with you, they are interested in inviting you for an interview, and they may want to release the offer letter to you. 

And later in the article, I will also share my bonus tips, which will take you a step further in your job search journey. So stick around till the end to get the maximum benefit and know how to get hired abroad. 

Are you the right fit for the market?

The first step to consider when looking for a job abroad is to see if you are the right fit for the market.

You have to see if you have the skills required in your profile. Many times, people immediately decide to move abroad and start applying for jobs. But the biggest mistake they make is not researching the job market. 

Like what kinds of jobs are available in the market, how you can meet the requirements of those jobs, and what you can do to improve your profile, so the first thing you must do when you are looking for, when you decide that you want to move abroad, you want to look for a job in any country. So you must understand the market first and do you carry the skills? Let’s say you are a salesperson, or you are a marketing guy, or you are coming from product management or any other XYZ profile. Then do you have those skills? 

What are they looking for? You have to understand the market first. 

How to understand the market

Go straight to LinkedIn; you don’t have to follow any other job site. Just go on LinkedIn, look for the jobs employers offer in that country, and see their requirements. 

Are they looking for someone having five years of experience in any particular tool? Or are they asking for any personal skills or personality traits in you? Do you have those skills? So try to see and compare those job descriptions, see the most common skills, and see if you have those skills. 

Suppose you see that employers are asking for the five skills in all the job requests. In all the job descriptions, see if you have those skills. If you need those skills, wait to start applying. Your focus should be on how you can gain those skills and how I can work on these skills and improve them. Once you do that, you see, these are the primary skills I must have. Without that, I cannot get the interview calls then start working on them immediately and then I would not say okay, do not start searching, but yes, there is a way to start searching for the job while you are building those skills which I’ll be sharing further in the article. 

That’s the essential thing you first have to see you are fit for the market. Do you have the skills? And once you get the answer to this question, work on your strategy. 

The next step for you is to go back to the job description and see as you have seen that these are the skills required in the job.

Write a Trendy CV & Cover Letter

Now you have to write your CV, cover letter, and other documents you have to arrange. So are all these documents, your CV, and your cover letter talking about those skills? So if your CV is not talking about those skills, those requirements, you’re not going to make it. 

But again, before you even start writing your CV, you have to see what kind of CVS are in trend. So maybe you are coming from an Asian country, mainly in the Asian country, you might find the CVS like four to five pages long, at least most of them. 

Then are these kinds of CVS in trend? Are recruiters entrusted to read such CVS? I can tell you when you apply for a job in western countries. When you look at the CVS, recruiters want to know precisely in the first three lines if you are relevant and the right person for the job. 

Do you have something which connects with the job description? If you have something that matches the requirement in the first three lines, your CVS will be accepted.

So you have to make a CV as per the market. You have to work on that. Let me tell you. If you have two to three years of experience, go for one page CV. You have to put everything concisely, precisely what they are looking for and point out what they want. If you say more than three years of experience, five years, eight years, or ten years, still go for two pages. 

That is more than enough. You don’t have to talk about your story like in 2005. I was doing this in 2007. I was working in This company in 2008, working on this technology. Nobody cares about that. We have to write out the things which are essential to the employer. It would be best to discuss what employers are interested in to get the call. 

They are interested to know something other than your story. They want to know where you are coming from and where you see the connection. But they need to be more interested, which is irrelevant to the employer. So you have to have this connection. 

You have to have this relationship which triggers the employer’s mind that this is the right person. I can consider him for the screening round, for example, a coding test or a case study. 

Can you get the call? So you have to focus on that. The same thing goes for the cover letter. The cover letter is different from a place where you talk about your skills, I mean the hard skills when it comes to, let’s say, you are from technology. 

You don’t have to talk about your technology in the cover letter. You don’t have to talk about your sales skill. You don’t have to talk about your marketing skills. You have to talk about what is shared between you and the employer. 

Where do you fit in? How you can help the employer. What kind of challenges can you solve for the employer? If you start doing that? You will get a lot of calls.

Work on your professional profiles

You might be thinking about LinkedIn. That is required, But I’m not referring to it here. Work on your portfolio; make a portfolio. Create a video resume or a web resume.

When you go a step further, you do something different which catches the attention and then employers are entrusted to read it further. You will have the edge over other applicants; this is where your game changes. 

So make sure to work on your profiles. Not just a LinkedIn profile, but other profiles, which you can have a Git profile, maybe you have a blog, maybe have a YouTube channel. Talk about those things, mention those things, and mention what you care about. 

And then employers will be interested in your profile. So this is what is required when you want to justify your application. 

Bonus Tips to find a job

Now let us talk about the bonus tips I referred to earlier. So the most important thing. 

When looking for a job abroad or networking, your CV is important, your cover letter is essential, and your skills are critical. But most of the time, more than 90 to 95% of applicants ignore networking. 

Networking takes you way beyond it and shortens your journey by many, many months. Looking for a job abroad is a challenging thing. I have seen people struggling for months, for years, and they don’t get a single interview call. 

And when you focus on your networking, when you have the correct CV, correct cover letter, connecting CV, connecting cover letter and focusing on networking, you are connecting with the right people and gathering the correct data. 

You are asking the right questions to the guys already working in those organizations, and you will have a relatively higher chance of getting those calls. The only thing required here is that you must develop that connection. 

It would help if you triggered the emotions of the person you are talking to. It would be best if you talked about the benefits of the person. You cannot offer the person anything. But at least you must have the conversation which makes him think about you.

So that is required. And this is how you can focus on networking. This way, you can take your game to the next level because you are talking to an insider. He can tell you there is an open position, you can apply for it, and this is what we are looking for. 

Or you could get a lot of other information about what skills you must have. It’s not just that. You could also get a referral. Though I always say do not ask for the direct referral, you may get the referral. 

Nobody knows it. So focus on your networking because it is one of the most underrated things in the job search. It doesn’t matter where you are searching for the job.

Customize your documents

Many times people focus on applying for a job. They focus on applying for one job every five minutes and applying for thousands of jobs monthly. But if you go and ask them how many calls they have, you got? You will be shocked to listen to their answer. They might say, I got three calls after applying 1000 applications. But applying 1000 applications is crazy. It takes a lot of energy. Do you have that? 

It could be a better idea. Or you were getting three interview calls, maybe after thousands of applications or even fewer. So you have to think, are you going in the right direction? Instead, focus on customizing your documents and reading the job description. 

Again and again. I would read the job description ten times when I’m looking to apply; only then will I know this is what they are asking for. When you do that, you customize your CV, your cover letter, and your relationship, and you show your connection. 

Make sure your CV gets through ATS(applicant tracking system) because when you customize your CV, you can cross through the ATS, and your CV comes across the human eye. Are you doing that? 

If yes, the chances of getting calls are way higher. But when you customize the cover letter, customize the CV, and there is a high possibility you will get the call. 


And in the last I want to say that if you say I want to focus on my CV and my cover letter and then start applying, maybe I don’t want to focus on networking, I don’t want to focus on customizing my documents, I don’t want to focus on my skills. 

So these things work together. It’s not that you focus on one thing and ignore the rest. It’s not going to work. You have to take it as a whole package. You have to build it as your whole profile, take it further and then apply for the jobs. 

You have to do everything to get those interview calls. You have to do everything to crack those interviews. It is just about getting the interviews. You also have to put more effort into cracking those interviews.

So there is a lot to do. So your journey will be easier if you combine everything and go with it. Show your whole personality to the person. And you will have a high chance of getting those calls, cracking those interviews and joining those companies. 

So, this is the most important thing. If you focus on all these things, what I have shared, as I told you in the beginning, this article will give you a lot of different information you get on the internet. 

 Are you following those strategies? If you do, you will get those calls and get hired. 

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