How to Find a Job in Qatar in 2023? Quick Guide for Expats and Qataris

To find a job in Qatar, you start by looking for a job in Qatar. Then, you can get a residence permit if they need it. You can do it all in Qatar or abroad. Of course, Qatari citizens do not need a residence permit to find a job. Also, citizens from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) can find many jobs in Qatar without a residence permit. Every other nationality must apply for a work permit with their employer or employment agency. Read below to learn more about how to find a job in Qatar and how to get a Qatar work permit.

Most websites or apps are in English and Arabic. Please use Google Translate or any other translation service if needed.

How to find a job in Qatar?

To get a job in Qatar, you need to find a job in Qatar. Read more about where to find work in Qatar below.

Once you have a job offer, you can apply to your employer for a residence permit. You do not need a residence permit if you are a citizen of Qatar or from another Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) country such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE or Oman.

If you need a residence permit, apply to your new employer. They can be companies or employment agencies. They will give you a visa to enter the country if you are outside Qatar.

Once you have an employer who can sponsor you, they will need to handle all the paperwork to obtain a residence permit. If you received a job offer before coming to the country, your employer would need to convert your temporary visa into a residence permit within a few weeks.

A residence permit usually also allows you to bring your family to Qatar. You also want to know what happens to your residence permit if you change employers or stop working. 

You can find jobs in Qatar by searching for Qatar job opportunities online. You will find an appointment directly with a company or an employment agency. Below is a list of possible ways to find a job in Qatar.

Qatar job site

Finding a job on these popular job sites is an excellent place to start.

Search BaiduGoogleNaverSogou or Yandex, or any other search engine you trust. Look for the job you want, for example, “Construction worker in Doha” or “Content creator in Qatar”. Use the language you feel most comfortable with. Go beyond the first page and search deeply. You’ll instantly know what jobs are available and which sites best suit your needs.

You can also ask around Facebook groups related to your profession, language, nationality or broader interests.

Qatar indeed one of the most visited job sites in Qatar. is one of the most visited job sites in Qatar. It focuses on employment opportunities in Qatar, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Gulf Talent and Monster Bay are still known places to work in Qatar.

Bayt is the most popular job search website for the West Asia, Middle East and North Africa region. It is in English and Arabic.

Facebook groups and other social media to find jobs in Qatar.

Facebook groups to help you connect with people about jobs in Luxembourg. I found these groups talking about employment in Luxembourg. You can find more.

You can use your favourite social media to find and discuss jobs in Qatar.

LinkedIn Qatar is also a popular choice when applying for a job in Qatar.

Inquire about your possible jobs in Qatar.

Talk to friends of people who may have travelled or worked in Qatar or other GCC countries. Whether you are Qatari or from abroad, you will be surprised that some of your friends or family may know someone. Make connections, ask around, and look for opportunities around your contacts.

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